Object of the Game

You and your fellow Taxi drivers race for fares in Curbside, a strategic game of ride sharing. Compete against other players to pick up and drop off passengers phoned in by dispatch. Place tiles to create a pathway to passengers and their destinations. Reroute your GPS when a path won't get you there fast enough. But watch your gas meter! With every space your Taxi moves, your gas goes down. The game ends when all the passengers arrive at their destinations or a Taxi runs out of gas. Happy passengers reward you with stars. Whoever gets the most stars win!


  • 1 Game Board

  • 1 Destination Board

  • 50 Tiles

  • 50 Passenger Cards

  • 10 Passenger Meeples

  • 5 Destination Pieces

  • 4 Taxis

  • 4 Gas Meters

  • 4 Stars

  • 2 Dice (1 white, 1 red)


The player who earned stars from picking up passengers is the winner. The game ends when all 10 passenger cards are collected. In the case of a tie, the winner is the one with more gas in their tank. If there is still a tie, the player closest to completing another passenger drop off wins.

Set Up

  • Place each Taxi and a 4-way road tile in a corner as their starting position. 

  • Hand everyone a gas meter card that will be used to reference actions, manage gas and stars (VP). As well as a star with the same color as your Taxi.

  • Roll 2 dice (1 white, 1 red) for each passenger to determine where they start on the board.

    • The white die represents the X axis on the board’s grid, the red die represents the Y axis.

    • Place one more passenger than there are players.

  • Roll the dice for each passenger's drop off destination. Each passenger's color matches their destination piece.

    • Re-roll if a passenger and their destination are on the same tile or if a passenger is rolled on the same space as a Taxi.

    • Place the matching color meeple on the destination board to indicate the point value you will receive by completing that trip.    

  • Give every player 3 random tiles from the deck, a gas canteen and re-route tile to begin.


  1. 4-way Intersection: Your Taxi can move vertical and horizontal.

  2. 4-way Intersection with a Stop Sign: Taxi can move vertical and horizontal but if you drive through it, you must use two movement actions to get through.

  3. 3-way:  Your Taxi can move in whichever way the roads are pointed.

  4. 2-way:  Your Taxi can move in whichever way the roads are pointed.

  5. One-way 4-way Intersection:  Your Taxi can only move in the direction the arrows are pointed.

  6. One-way Street: Your Taxi can only move in the direction the arrows are pointed.

  7. Broken Road: Only one-way in or out for your Taxi.

  8. 90 Degree Street: Follow the street turns with your Taxi.

  9. Construction Cone: If you draw this card, roll 2 dice (1 white, 1 red) to determine where the tile is placed on the board. It cannot be placed anywhere a Taxi, passenger, or destination exists. Re-roll until you find a valid location. If a road tile is already there, place the cone on top of the existing tile. This tile cannot be touched until it is your turn again.

  10. Gas Canteen: Keep this in your hand until you are ready to play. Once played, add 3 gas points to your meter. For more information on gas points, turn to page 6.

  11. Re-Route: Dispatch has called in a false destination. Choose a passenger or destination piece to re-roll and place in a new location. This card can only be played on the player whose turn it is.

  12. Pothole: Play this card on your turn. Place this tile to block any spot on the board that doesn't have a car, passenger or destination piece on it. Potholes last until the start of your next turn.


​Designer & Illustrator - Danielle Reynolds

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