Object of the Game

You and your fellow Taxi drivers race for fares in Curbside, a strategic game of ride sharing. Compete against other players to pick-up and drop-off passengers phoned in by dispatch. Manage your action points to pick-up and deliver passengers while monitoring your gas meter! Depending on the amount of spaces moved or direction pay action cubes and adjust gas accordingly. The game ends when a player drops off 4 passengers. With every successfully dropped off passenger receive an additional action cube giving you more options in the future. The player with the most money from the passenger cards is the winner!




  • 1 Game Board

  • 4 Control Panels

  • 36 Passenger Cards

  • 4 Taxi Meeples

  • 5 Passenger Meeples

  • 10 Drop-Off Meeples

  • 4 Hazard Tokens

  • 4 Gas Cubes

  • 20 Action Cubes



Once a player has successfully dropped off 4 passengers the round will finish and everyone will count the amount of money on their Passenger Cards. The player with the most money is the winner! If there is a tie, the player with more gas left in their tank breaks the tie.

Sell Sheet


​Designer - Danielle Reynolds & Steven Ungaro

Illustrator - Danielle Reynolds

Playtesting Images

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