Danielle Reynolds has had a passion for Game Design since she was in elementary school. This passion was recently reignited in 2018 which lead to the creation of Nut Stash, Curbside, Star Gazers and other games in the works. 

Ryan Costello has assisted in editing all of Danielle's rulebooks as well as given feedback on every one of her designs. If you are looking for an editor consider reaching out to him.

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Nut Stash

Play as a squirrel or chipmunk collecting nuts by matching corresponding die rolls to a card. Then stash cards won by matching numbers or adding up nut cards to equal stash cards. The most nuts stashed along with bonus points at the end wins. 

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You and your fellow Taxi drivers race for fares in Curbside, a strategic game of ride sharing. Compete against other players to pick up and drop off passengers phoned in by dispatch. Place tiles to create a pathway to passengers and their destinations. Reroute your GPS when a path won't get you there fast enough. But watch your gas meter! With every space your Taxi moves, your gas goes down. The game ends when all the passengers arrive at their destinations or a Taxi runs out of gas. Happy passengers reward you with stars. Whoever gets the most stars win!

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Spot stars in the night sky and work to create constellations on your peg board using rubber bands and star pieces before other star gazers do.

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Mind's Eye

Players simultaneously play a single card pointing the colored eyes they wish to use towards the other player(s). Winners will take the losers cards based on the color of the eye. Matching eye colors initiate staring contests. Play until all the cards are in one player’s hands. That player is now the winner. 

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Let's Sort It Out

Collect cards from the recycling plant conveyor belt into your hand. Then strategically sort them into bins correctly before other players while avoiding hazardous materials!

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Inn Keeper

Compete as Inn Keepers working to fill your Inn with the most guests by winning tricks and placing cards in sequential order. The Inn Keeper who fills the most rooms is the winner!


Have you ever gone on a date and thought you had a good time? Then tried to call for a second one but the person never replied back to you? I’m sorry to say, you’ve been Ghosted! In this party game, we will learn who was ghosted and why through storytelling!


Dumpster dive by collecting, flipping and moving tiles to earn points for garbage. Just watch out for guard dogs!

Daughters of Asclepius

Asclepius, the Greek God of Healing and Son of Apollo, has gone too far and angered the God Hades by resurrecting the dead. Hades has persuaded his brother Zues to annihilate Asclepius with his Cyclops created Thunder Bolts. Apollo has retaliated and killed the Cyclops. In Zues’s anger he has turned Apollo into a human merchant and now needs a new God of Healing. He has asked the daughters of Asclepius to compete for their father’s godship. Which daughter will fill their father’s footsteps as the new Goddess of Healing!?

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Accuse your friends in this party game about tailoring the right excuse to the right role. 

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