2 - 6 Players                 15 Min                      8+ Years

Object of the Game


Play as a squirrel or a chipmunk collecting nuts by matching corresponding die rolls to a card. Then stash cards won by matching numbers or adding up nut cards to equal stash cards. The most nuts stashed along with bonus points at the end wins. 













1. Choose whether you are a squirrel or a chipmunk. Every game needs an equal number of squirrels and chipmunks for teams. But, odd numbers are still fun!


2. Grab a corresponding species die (one per player).


3. Shuffle the nut, stash and predator cards into one main deck.


4. To begin, flip the top card from the deck and count down (3, 2, 1) to start the first roll.









How to Play


1. Players roll simultaneously until someone matches the number on the card.

         a) Once a match is made, snatch the card and replace it with the top card from the deck. 

             Meanwhile, the scoring player places that card on their side: If it’s a Nut Card place it on a

             Stash Card to store it or on its own to store later.

        b) If it’s a Stash Card place it on its own or place it and fill it with Nut Cards that currently 

            aren’t stored.

        c) You can also add up numbers of nuts to fill up Stash Cards. This gives you bonus points.



Do simple addition to add nut cards and equal a stash card for extra points.


Stash Cards

Nut Cards




2. Once the Stash Card is filled with Nuts, turn the stack over. This means none of these nuts can be stolen later.

3. You cannot relocate nuts once they’ve been stored.

4. If both parties decide they do not want a card they are rolling for stop and remove the card from the game.


5. Once the deck runs out, winter has arrived and you can stop rolling.


6. You may now steal the opposing players free nut cards unless it's in a stored card pile. Be warned your opponent will also be trying to steal your nut cards.


7. Any incomplete stashes or free nuts left freeze and are now negative points. (-1 per card)



Each predator has it's own effect. When this card is flipped face up from the deck all players must roll at the same time once. Unless you need to break a tie. Lowest number receives the predator. The effect goes into play at that time.


This card allows you to steal one unstored Nut Card from another player to bring to your side.


This card allows you to steal one unstored Stash Card from another player to bring to your side.

Watch out for Predators!

End Game


Positive Points

1. Count up the number of nut cards per completely filled stash, each card is one (+1) point. 

2. Receive one (+1) bonus point for having 2 nut cards in one stash.

3. Receive two (+2) bonus points for having 3 nut cards in one stash.

4. Receive three (+3) bonus points for having 4 nut cards in one stash.

Examples of bonus scoring:



1+1=2+1 bonus point = 3




1+1+1=3+2 bonus points = 5






1+1+1+1=4+3 bonus points = 7

Negative Points

1. Count up the number of nut and stash cards that weren't stashed. Each card is worth negative one (-1) point.

2. If you have filled a stash pile incorrectly those cards become negative points.


The winner is the person or team with the most points at the end. That species has now survived winter!


Creator & Graphic Designer – Danielle Reynolds

Illustrator – Alan Cooper

Emma Haupt – Animator


Nut Cards:

Stash Cards:

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