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Danielle runs a digital playtesting group known on Discord as the "Chicago Tabletop Game Design Group" that meets every other Thursday each month at 7pm Central Time. Playtesting typically runs 3 hours. Exact dates can be found on Discord and the Google Sheet. All designers, playtesters and game enthusiasts are welcome to join! All you need is TabletopSimulator, access to google sheets and a Discord!


Join Our Discord!

Once you do, change your nickname to your real name and preferred (she/her)/(he/him)/(they/them). When it's time to playtest hop into the Digital Playtest Lobby audio channel and wait for a host to divide you into games. You can also message the #playtest-schedule with questions on what Digital Table you should go to.


Sign up to have your game playtested in this google sheet! Or just check out what games will be played that night. Don't wait to fill this out because we try to go in order of people who signed up first! 


Check out other online Game Design Groups here on Cardboard Edison if our group's day/time don't work for you. We love having visiting groups join in.

Enjoy some digital screen shots from playtesting on TabletopSimulator!

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