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A portfolio for Danielle Reynolds' game design, development, graphic design and podcasting.

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Why work with Danielle?

I have spent College and beyond working/volunteering in game design, development, graphic design, illustration and podcasting for non-profits to fortune 100 companies freelancing and at previous jobs.

Game Design Unboxed: Inspiration to Publication

Game Design Unboxed features interviews with tabletop game designers on specific games or series of games they have created. Listeners will learn where the initial idea for the game came from, how the game developed over time and where the game is now after being published. 

Past & Current Clients

Big or small, I've enjoyed working with every project under the sun. Here are a few companies I've had the pleasure of working with:

legendary games_BW.png
looking glass workshop_BW.png
blind ferret_BW.png
nestor games_BW.jpg
metatopia online_BW.png
Lifestyle Home Logo_gray.jpg
lillian's-logo 2_grey.jpg
ans logo_gray.jpg
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