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August 2020 Game Play Journal

It’s so sad to see that summer is coming closer to an end. Thankfully, I’ve been able to be outside and enjoy the good weather which has made this month’s list of games on the smaller side. One fun addition is two of the games featured in this month’s journal are also featured on the Board Game Kaptian’s youtube channel! So check those out if you want a video review. Not sure when they will be posted but check back in.

August 4, 2020

Bosk was one of the games I got from GenCon Online thanks to Floodgate Games sale and free shipping. It had been a game on my list to buy ever since I played it at PAX Unplugged 2019 at the Girl’s Game Shelf night. The concept of area control mixed with different seasons and trees was fascinating and very unique. In the game you have a round for each season starting with Spring. In Spring you are placing your trees to score points in Winter for having the largest number/value of trees in columns and rows. Then, in Autumn, leaves drop in the direction of the wind to cover up different landscapes on the board to gain points in Winter. There’s even a squirrel meeple that sits on top of the leaves. I love trying to think ahead to see where I might have my leaves drop. The component quality was so good that my friend mentioned it along with the coloring of the trees grabbing her eye. I highly recommend this area control game.

August 9, 2020

This 2-player abstract strategy game was so quick to play that Josh and I played it three times before reviewing it for the Board Game Kaptain youtube channel. I liked that the game came in a nice sized travel bag with the “board” being on the outside of the bag. The hardest part of the game was telling my brain the point of the game was to not block the other player. This was a hard concept since I grew up with games like Blockus and Cathedral where you are trying to control the board. Your goal is to continue laying down your color stone until you either get blocked or you block someone else. The game got better and better with each play. I highly suggest it if you like abstract strategy games!

Upwords is a classic word game similar to Scrabble or Bananagrams that recently got a facelift thanks to Spin Master games. I agreed to play and review the game on the Board Game Kaptain youtube channel since I played with my aunt Sue a few times in the past since it was her favorite game. Because of that it holds a special place in my heart. The idea of Upwords is you create words not only by building sideways but also upwords by adding tiles on top of eachother. Because of this I actually did really well at the game for being terrible at spelling. Upwords is probably my favorite word game that I’ve played.

August, 14, 2020

In this game you are rolling and drafting dice to defeat the different bad guys featured on different cards in order to collect equipment and extra dice to prove yourself as the new Zorro. I played the 1-player version that I found on the kickstarter not in the rulebook. Sadly, it fell flat. I want to play again with other players but as a 1-player game it wasn’t that captivating or fun. My guess is with being able to use other player’s powers and possibly share wins that affects the game differently.

August, 15, 2020

My friend Nicole chose this game because her brother is obsessed with birds. After playing, she added it to her wishlist for Christmas! Mike, Nicole and I were pretty neck and neck with our scoring with me barely beating Nicole at the end. Wingspan continues to be a hit with everyone I introduce it to!

Science meets worker placement when it comes to the game Cytosis. Players take turns placing their colored beakers on different parts of the cell to collect what they need to fulfill goal cards. The theme drew Mike in because he wanted to check and see if it was scientifically accurate. And he said it was a good example of how your cell biology works! This is a really cool game if you’re looking for something entertaining with an educational edge to it from Genius Games.

August, 30, 2020

Who doesn’t love cats? I know I do...I have three! In Cat Lady players are working to collect and feed as many cats as they can along with getting catnip, costumes and toys for their feline friends. At the end of the game count up your points from fed cats and set collection. Just make sure each cat is fed because they are negative 2 points for each cat that goes hungry.

As fall starts to come around I look forward to slowly playing more board games. I do play tons of prototype games but it’s nice to spend time playing fully developed games that I don’t have to think too much about.

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