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Blinks Party Pack: Tangle Preview

The Blinks system is this amazing cross between a toy, video game and board game created by Move38. If you haven't played I would suggest giving it a try. Each hexagon blink tile holds a single game inside of it that has the ability to train the rest of the hexagon tiles to play the game of your choosing. In my case I decided to check out their new game Tangle which is apart of their Party Pack that is hitting Kickstarter on February 22nd.

The game is a competitive see who can push as many of their own colors as possible before the random timer runs out. It has a similar frenzied feeling to their game "Wham!" that is comparable to the arcade game Whack-a-mole. If you enjoy fast paced dexterity games I'd suggest checking this one out! My friend Natasha and I for sure enjoyed playing the two player version in this video.

Make sure to check out Tangle as well as the other new Party Pack games on Kickstarter!

Tangle Instructions

Preview 2.01.2022 - Note: this game is a preview release and final rules & graphics are subject to change based on continued play testing.

Download bellow:

Download PDF • 136KB

To learn more about the system check out this video!

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