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Sedona Vortex 

2-Player Abstract Strategy Game that plays in 15 minutes or less!


Object of the Game

In Sedona Vortex you work to outmaneuver your

opponent by teleporting and stacking on top of

their stones to lock them into place. Be the first

player to get your stones on top of the stacks in

the middle of the two spirals to win the game!


  • 1 Board

  • 5 Red Stones

  • 5 Black Stones 

  • 1 Rulebook


The game is won if you ever have your stones on the tops of the stacks on the last spaces of both spirals, regardless of how you got there or how high those stacks are. They can even be stacks of only one stone. Shake hands with your opponent and play again, though allow whoever lost the last game to go first this time.


Danielle Reynolds & Josh Kaplan 

Sedona Vortex Screen Shot.PNG


Tabletop Simulator

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