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Star Gazers

Object of the Game

Spot stars in the night sky and work to create constellations on your board by rolling dice, drafting rubber bands and star pieces according to your roll before other stargazers do.


  • 6 - Peg Boards

  • 6 - Reference Sheets

  • 6 - Custom Dice

  • 6 – Night Sky Sheets (similar to BlueOrange’s Slide Quest level sheets)

  • 36 - Constellation Cards

  • 100 - Star Pieces

  • 50 - Rubber Bands (3 sizes)

  • 1 – Shooting Star Active Player Marker

​​End Game

The game ends when 4 Constellation Cards are collected by a player.


The player with the most points is the winner. Receive the point value amount indicated on each completed Constellation Card.

Star Gazers_Sell Sheet-01.jpg
Star Gazers_Sell Sheet-01.jpg
Star Gazers_Sell Sheet-01.jpg

Overview Video


​Designer & Illustrator - Danielle Reynolds


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