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Deadly Doodles

Many gamers have been obsessed with roll and write games this past year. It seems like every game now has a roll and write or flip and write version. Don’t get me wrong. I’m drinking the kool-aid as well. Some have argued that this new Deadly Doodles game is the Munchkin roll and write. I personally think of it as a stand-alone game. It has a cute adventure theme and simple rules, which is perfect for a family game.

I got the chance to play this game a month or so back at Origins at the Steve Jackson Game booth. I was given a dry erase marker, board and away we went. We drew paths off of the cards we saw in the middle of the table. The cards showed possible directions your adventure might take. The goal of the game was to draw your pathway through a weapon then the monster with the same letter. So the “A” ax kills the “A” monster, which seems a little dark for the illustration style they went with. There is also treasure, a dragon and a trap that you set for other adventures. The trap is the only real way you can harm other players since we all have our own boards. On the boards they explain the different ways to receive points at the end of the game. The one that I wish I had paid more attention to was the unused entryway. I barely lost when I played and I could have tied had I not used another entryway. So strategize according to the bottom of your dry erase board.

Overall, it was a fun game. If you’re into light entry weight games this is a good one. I’d recommend it to anyone who has kids. My only complaint is if they hadn’t created the trap as a part of the game I think they could have brought the player count higher. This would have been nice since I have larger game nights. Besides that I really enjoyed creating my pathways to defeat monsters . When I played the game originally it was not currently out to buy but next time I see it I will pick it up!

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