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Ticket to Ride: New York

Unlike most gamers I started with the Ticket to Ride: New York before ever playing the original game. Last year I traveled to New York City for a quick 3-day weekend and tried to see most of the tourist attractions you spend the game trying to get to. The New York edition has all the great parts of the original game but was created for 4 people on a smaller map with a shorter game play. Since the board is much smaller playing with 4-players becomes very difficult towards the end of the game when all the routes are claimed. The closest game I ever had was last nights.

The scores were 32, 31, 31 and 33. The interesting part about this game was half of the players were new to Ticket to Ride. So, we all have very different strategies. In the game you can score points by:

1. Completing Routes using Destination Cards (Uncompleted Routes are Negative Points)

2. The amount of your color Taxis on the Board

  • 1 Taxi = 1 Point

  • 2 Taxis = 2 Points

  • 3 Taxis = 4 Points

  • 4 Taxis = 7 Points

3. Hitting Main Destinations (Represented by Pennies)

When staring the game each player is handed 15 taxis, two transportation cards and two destination cards where you pick which one to keep. After that you take turns doing one of these three actions per turn:

1. Drawing two Transportation Cards

  • You may draw two from the deck or pick from the 5 cards laying face up. As well as a combination of those options.

  • Or you can draw a single Taxi Transportation Card which works as any color.

2. Draw two Destinations and pick one to keep

3. Claim a route when you have all the correct colored Transportation Cards.

Three of us decided to complete large routes using Destination Cards to score points while one player only completed the route on the card he received at the beginning of the game. He ended up gaining second place by claiming all the larger routes with his taxis that touched each main destination penny. Plus, he worked to take the routes we wanted. The other two players and I all lost points thanks to not completing our routes. At the end, I worked to fill in any small route I could for last minute points. Typically, I’ve found that completing Destinations is the best way to win. But, there are other ways of scoring points as James proved. Ticket to Ride: New York is very well balanced and fits much easier on a table unlike the original Ticket to Ride. The rule book is probably the best one I’ve seen as far as graphic design goes. They designed it to look like a city travel brochure. If you need a gift idea try this game! It’s reasonable priced, fast to play and most importantly fun!

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