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Don't Buy Family Feud: Anniversary Edition

I’ll keep this short, don’t buy this game. Family Feud is one of those games that shouldn’t have been made into a table top game. This version especially. The contraption they made to hold and show the answers is made worse than IKEA furniture. They made the answer/question sheets from recycled paper which was then made into a notepad. Once you use the question sheet it is as useless as old newspaper. They should have made the answer sheets out of coated paper or card board to make it last. If you don’t remember how the famous game show went the instruction guide won’t be a lot of help. It’s another tear off page that we almost threw away. Seeing as it had been a few years since I’d watched the show it was good that I had people who knew the rules to the game.

Playing the game was nearly impossible. The answer sheet kept falling out of the holder and would show the answers. It wouldn’t line up with the slits in the plastic meant to show the answer once you slid the plastic piece. It was anti-climactic and most of the fun came from picking on whoever was the “game show host.” This version of the game was cheaply made and ruined my fond memories of the television show. Basically, don’t buy Family Feud unless it’s a video game. Otherwise you’ll be disappointed.

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